Meal Planning 101

Meal Planning is super easy and so beneficial


  • meal planning promotes healthy eating
  • meal planning decreases your food bill by preventing not knowing what you are going to be eating that week
  • it’s less stressful because you know what to eat when you go home
  • It helps with weight management and loss

So how do you meal plan? Where should you start? Let’s find out!

The best way to start meal planning is figuring out how often you eat. I eat five times a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner). Once you figure that you lay it out on a sheet of paper so that you have those meals every day. I typically make it so that each meal has a box for me to write in.

Now find some foods/meals to put in the boxes. For this I roam the internet (Pintrest) but I also have a large pile of cookbooks that I use to find a lot of good foods.

From this food plan I will look at what I have in the kitchen and make a list of what I need for that week before heading to the grocery store. I like using a grocery list so that I don’t forget anything, but then I’m also able to say “no I don’t need that” a lot easier while in the grocery store.

I’m going to be honest at this point and say that I don’t stick to my meal plans that well. I’m not good at actually coming back and saying “no i need to eat this tonight” instead I really use it more of ideas of things to eat that week and i’m able to pick what I want to eat on what day. I find that this works best because I’m not one to conform to rules and even if I set rules I’ll disobey them.

I will use stickers to mark what i have for dinner. I haven’t done this in a long time, but I started it again recently and I’m in love with it. There are stickers for each meal, but I don’t really have the space in my planner for that right now. I do keep a food journal with what I eat each week in it in order to help me further manage and lose weight and keep myself healthy. (Let’s note that I’m eating chips while I’m eating this).

So those are some tips on meal planning and how I do it.

See you soon,


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