Spring 2016 Planner Updates

So recently I got a nice little haul from Erin Condren, but I wanted to show you some updates from my planner.


I did get a new cover (favorite part of my haul) and I’m so happy that I got it. I love it and it’s perfect. I think that it will even work with a gold coil, which is awesome because I’ll be getting a gold coil for next year.

Order in the boxes

So if you don’t remember my normal order it was my first class, second class, today, todo, and blog.

If you don’t know it’s summer so I’ve had to change that.

Now the order is my class, work schedule or my blog work, today, todo, and now little things. I’m actually getting really attached to my little hings now and I’ll have to get some stickers to help me continue to keep my little things around during the school year. I’ve also stopped using habit trackers for the moment. I have a feeling that they’ll be coming back soon, but at least for a little I’m not going to deal with them.


So my pre-planning has changed a little bit for the moment because I don’t have as much to really pre-plan. To be honest I don’t really have a system anymore. I typically have  a sticky note for what’s due in class that week and my work schedule, and somewhere I’ll have a note for what I need to write for my blog. It isn’t really much of a system anymore.

Blog Planning

So my blog planning has change quite a bit.

I’ve stopped using printable and got a monthly calendar from Erin Condren that I keep in the back of my planner which has all of my blog posts in it. I’ve started filling this out at the beginning of each month (or when I’ve finished all of my blog posts for the previous months). I keep notes about post ideas and month themes in a notebook that I have (and always carry around). It seems to be working, when I don’t have technical difficulties.

See you soon,



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