Lucia’s Cage May 2016

Once again it was time to clean out Princess Lucia’s cage, but what’s up this month with it? Let’s look….

_MG_6535This month I decided to put Lucia on purple carefreash mixed with Aspen. I’m actually really happy with it because I bought this pack back on Black Friday and it’s lasted me this long. I was worried that it was too hard to dig through when I woke up with morning and she was hanging out in her little sand bath, but it ended up being ok, she was just lazy. So it made a nice surprise this morning.

For a wheel she has the 8″ flying saucer in green, which is her second favorite wheel (just behind her big wheel in her crittertrail cages).

_MG_6536The next thing that we have is her purple water bottle that she’s always had. It has a rock under it in case it leaks and to wear down her nails. The next thing is her crittertrail tubes that she’s in love with and her timothy hay toss toy that she likes to chew on. Along with a few other random chew toys that she doesn’t really use she has a piece of wooden “cheese” that she loves to run though and a bendy bridge that she loves to hide under.

She then has her puzzle playground, which in all honesty she doesn’t really use, as well as a mini hut and a sand bath. For some reason she really seems to like to sleep in the sand bath, and I’ll be sorry when I run out of sand and have to take it away from her in a little bit.

The change in size of her cage no longer bothers her it seems. At first she would attempt to jump out by climbing to the top of the tallest thing and jumping, but she no longer does that and she seems content in her summer home.

Hope you like this cage tour and see you soon,



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