Paws Paper Review

A few weeks ago I bought some kits from Paws Paper and I wanted to review this shop for you because I think that they are actually really nice for the price and you can actually make a decent spread out of what you get.

For a brief review I do suggest this shop, but for a deeper review please keep reading! First off I want to talk about the shipping. It was really fast and it was in a cardboard-like mailer so that the stickers wouldn’t bend, but I was confused as to why exactly it was so thick when I only ordered two sets. Inside of the package they put packing peanuts in order to keep shipping costs down. I thought that it was really nice of them to do that because it does save me money, without me even asking.

When you pulled out the stickers they were in a clear plastic envelope-like-thing that protected them more and then each set was in a smaller envelope-thing. I liked that each set was in it’s own little envelope because of how I plan and store all of my kits that I’m going to use.

So each set is four papers that are a little smaller than an A5 sheet of paper. the first one is mainly headers , the second is full box checklists and decorations, then it’s full boxes on the third sheet, and the last is really functional sheets.

To be honest I was scared when I got these sets because I personally do really like no-white-space spreads. I’m trying to do more white space, but it’s hard for me because I don’t do much and I want to fill up the white space.

With the help of my starter kit from Sweet Cheeky Designs and my sidebar things I was able to make a decent spread that I’m truly in love with (minus the one blank box because I don’t do things on Fridays).

The only thing that I really wish this kit had was more little things and then more full boxes, but that’s really the only gripe I have with this kit.

I defiantly recommend this shop and I know I will defiantly be buying from them again.

See you soon,



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