Pet Updates!

Finally!!! It’s the last week of classes!!

So if you’ve ever gone to school you know how happy everyone gets when you reach the last week of classes, and although I’m very happy about this I always get nervous because of my two pets.

So what are my two angels doing this summer? What have they been up to?


Lucia has been so happy and so sweet, and as always our little escape artist is always attempting to get out of her cage. She’s on the same diet and everything and is actually really healthy.

She is also loving the new addition to her cage that we made with a pet gate and some fleece. The added space is helping her a lot with the bar chewing, but since that is still going on Kurt and I are redesigning the Tube Kingdom to help give her the space that she really seems need. Yes, she does have above the minimum but all hamsters are different and each one will need a different amount of space. Lucia just seems to need more.

So I’m sad to say that I’m not 100% sure what Lucia is doing this summer. As far as I know she will be staying with me until the end of May, but after that it all depends on where Kurt ends up. If he is moving to an apartment that allows hamsters there is a good chance she will be moving in with him, but we will see.

She will sadly be moving to a slightly smaller cage for the summer because we needs to sort of be able to move a lot if needed. The Tube Kingdom isn’t the best with moving, but her new bin will be and I’ll be uploading a cage tour in about a week or so for you guys to see that.


Gatsby is just fine. He was just at the vet who cleared his health and was able to give me the note that I needed in order to keep him with me here at school this summer. Otherwise nothing is too big with him right now.

What I’m sad about is that this weekend Gatsby is going to be going to my parent’s house this weekend until after I move to my summer housing. What we are trying to do is send him to my parent’s house for two weeks around the move. So I move the second week in may, so he is going super early to my parent’s house to help my parents out. My dad is currently in the hospital and since he absolutely loves my little ball of quills we are hoping that having him there will help my dad get a little better.

The actual plan though is that Gatsby goes to my parents the week before I move and then the weekend after I move he comes back (along with more of my stuff).

So that’s what’s up with my babies recently. What are your pets up to?

See you soon,



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