When Things Go Bad

In the last week a lot of things have gone wrong. I’m not really going to talk about them here because they are personal, but a lot has been going on.

So today I just want to talk about some stuff that I do when things go bad, and hopefully these will help you out if you’re having a bad day or going through a bad time.

First off I struggle with bad depression and anxiety, to the point where I will be help up in bed for days on end just because I can’t deal with the world and all of it’s problems. So this is my list that I go through every time that I am upset or down and I just need a pick me up.


Go on Facebook

This sounds really bad, but I find it really helpful to go onto my friend’s Facebook or social media pages and just creep on them. I get really happy when they are happy, so it makes me happy when I see that my friends are being happy.

(Follow my friend Laura’s adventure in Japan on her blog!)



I do keep color books and some other art supplies with me at all times so this is pretty regular. It makes me happy to see that I can create and do something. It’s really helpful when I’m stressing because it helps me take a step back and realize that I need to do small things in order to create larger things. Once I’ve finished the picture I turn back to what I was stressing about and break it up and start to doing the little things to accomplish the big things.

I eat food

So when I get in this mood it is really hard for me to eat, but at this point I normally haven’t eaten for a few hours so food helps me calm down and makes me feel better, so food is a thing.


I make Kurt take me on a walk

I can’t always do this but talking to Kurt and getting out into nature with him is really helpful to me because he will help me look at what’s important and what I need to focus on. He also will help me with my depression because he will just let me vent, cry, scream, whatever I need to do. These are typically very helpful for me.

If you don’t have an SO you can do this with a good friend or another supporter on your journey with your anxiety or depression.

Take care of my pets

When I do get really depressed I have to sit and take time for my pets. This is a typical thing for people with depression and pets, and I plan on doing a post in the future about this. For now, though, here is an article that you can look at for help.

600685_10204134248956180_6843970106320943508_nChange my hair

So I do change my hair a lot, and this is because the change makes it so that I feel better because it’s something for me to focus on and makes me feel better about myself. I do plan on making  a sort of series about this in the future, so stay tuned. I’m not a professional, though, so yeah……

I work on this blog

Yeah…. I tend to write a lot when I’m depressed. I also do a lot of social media stuff because it is sort of an interaction I guess.

So here are some things that I do when I am sad or need a pick me up. If none of this stuff works I do some other things that I’m not mentioning on this blog.

See you soon,



One thought on “When Things Go Bad

  1. xoxopandapandaxoxo says:

    EYYYY GIRL!!! Thanks for that shout out! 🙂 I’m sorry you’ve been having a tough time, but I really like that you gave some things you do when you are down. Maybe I’ll have you change my hair when I come back since you are becoming such a pro at it! I am sending you all the love in my heart from Japan, and when I come back: you and me and an obscenely long walk. Maybe I’ll show you how I get to Como Park from le Ham Ham (because that walk makes me feel so much better!).


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