Spring Break Journal 2016

So if you don’t know last week I was on Spring Break, which is why I didn’t really post on here. Sorry.

So what did I do last week? How much fun did I have? How was my Easter? How much did I party? How big of a disappointment was it? Keep reading to find out!

The First Weekend

600685_10204134248956180_6843970106320943508_n.jpgThe first weekend of break was the most fun, because my friend Marissa came up and we did my hair (yes, a review will be up later this month). We had a lot of fun hanging out and Kurt was there and we were all giggly and laughing. It was a lot of fun and it was my absolute favorite part of my break. I didn’t really end up liking the hair color, but it was fun to do that with Marissa.

I wasn’t happy when she broke my brand new wine glass, but it was fun to have her over. It was a wonderful time and I can’t wait for Marissa to come visit me again, hopefully for more than one night this time.


On Monday I really just took the day to relax and catch up on taking care of myself. It was quiet and I went to work in the afternoon. It was nice to take care of myself for once, but the mess in my apartment continued to loom and I was starting to get concerned.


First off Tuesday was my brother Dave’s Birthday!! I, though, just took the day to clean my living room, do my laundry, and clean out my car. I also was called into work, so it was nice to pick up an extra shift to get a little more money in my pocket.


So since I did get called in on Wednesday I really didn’t finish my chores, so I took the day to do that and finish quilting Kurt’s quilt that may or may not have been his Christmas present. It was really a chore day but I was so happy when it was all done and my apartment was clean. It made me feel so much better and put together.


I did something this day! My mom and little brother came up and visited me during the day. It was really just errands and what not that I had to do or they wanted me to do with them, but it was so nice to get out and be with people. I also got the official information on getting a new phone (End of Next Month).


I’m also happy to say that Friday was eventful as well. Kurt came over and we spent the day together. It was relaxing and fun, I really needed to just have time to catch up and relax with him. If you don’t know Kurt’s going to be graduating at the end of this semester, so this was the last time for a while that we will be able to sit and relax with one another.


So Saturday wasn’t too eventful. I worked a seven hour shift and then went to the Twin Cities to spend Easter with my family.

That’s where I’m going to end with this, because I don’t really want to go into Easter.

What did you do over break? What should I have done over break? Let me know down below!

See you soon,



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