Reusing Printables

One of my favorite things about printables is that you can print off as many copies as you want. I love it when I’m planning with a small kit, but what about reusing kits?

My thoughts are that you can reuse kits and do it quite well, and this is how I do it.

I am a student, which makes it a little easier. During the summer I’m able to reuse kits because I’m doing something different than I am in school. Instead of having to track school work and meetings I’m able to track more to do lists and habits that I want to keep track of. I also am able to keep better track of what I’m doing that day.

I also like to reuse kits as a base for stickers that I buy in the store that would go along with the theme. I have a spread set where I’m using it two weeks in a row, but it’s different because I bought different decorative stickers while I was at the store. Doing this allows you to create different spreads with different decorations, but also allows you to get a larger return on your investment.

I also will just straight up use the same kit and just make about the same spread if I loved the kit and spread that much. It happens every now and then. Especially with large kits it’s easier because sometimes I don’t use half of the decoration stickers so I can create basically a different spread.

I love to reuse kits to save money, but I hate waiting an entire year to reuse them.

See you soon,



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