The Tube Kingdom

If you follow me on Instagram you saw the picture below over the weekend, and now I’m going to explain it a little bit.


This is Lucia’s home, the official Tube Kingdom, and this is the story of the struggles and fun that made it come to be.

The first picture that anyone ever say of the tube kingdom was way back when Hammy was alive. We had attached multiple cages together and eventually gave her a large bin that we attached to the cages. This wasn’t the original design of the cage, but it worked in the space and was just find.

Last set up for hammy. Third one of the day. #cagegoals #tubes #cage #hamstercage #hamster #done

A photo posted by Amanda (@happysmiles159) on Jul 3, 2015 at 3:49pm PDT


The next time anyone saw the tube Kingdome was with Stitch, where we once again put all of the cages together and gave him what we thought was a little castle. Stitch was happy with the set up and liked it, but after getting out a few times we had to give him a large bin that we had from Hammy.

When Stitch passed away the kingdom was put on hold so that Kurt and I could deal with the heartbreaks that we had. Then we got busy very quickly and it wasn’t until I got home during a break that I decided to go about truly resurrecting the tube kingdom.


With Shawn’s help we cut up the plastic bin that we had along with the crittertrail cages, and using some hot glue we made the first version of the tube kingdom!

After several escapes from our lovely little Lucia we used some duct tape to secure everything and now we have out current tube kingdom!

A cage tour will be up this summer, and I can’t wait to show you it!

See you soon,



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