Outside of My Planner

As much as I love my planner it can’t hold everything, and in certain circumstances it doesn’t even hold something. You’ve seen it in my How I Plan My Blog post from last month, but what else don’t I keep in my planner? Let’s find out.

My Notebook

When I was little my mom always carried around a planner and a notebook. That was something I was always used to and something I’ve begun doing.

So what is in my notebook? The majority of it is lists (my master to do list, grocery lists, e-mails to send, assignments that I need to do, etc.) but I’ve also started to include my notes for class (updated from Spring 2016 Organization System). I’m finding that I’m loosing less notes than I used to and I really do like it.

I also keep my random writings that pop up throughout the day, which is helpful for when I’m writing for leisure or for this blog. I like having everything together.

My day designer

If you don’t know this at the beginning of the school year I bought a day designer that has sheets for every single day.

I’m using this to help me plan really busy days or days for the future. I’m finding it really helpful right now while I plan for registration for my fall classes.

My printable

Last year I bought this printable to use as my planner. I did like it and I use the monthly pages a lot now, but when I have a very busy day or a day where I just really need to track everything and anything (a few days after a very bad panic attack or swing of depression). I find these very helpful for that and I do plan on buying more printables from this shop in the future.

Microsoft Outlook

If you aren’t a fan of Microsoft then this isn’t for you, but at my school it’s the preferred way of doing things. So my Office Calendar is always updated with everything and anything work and school related. I find that when I need to figure out a meeting with a teacher it is so much easier if both of our outlook calendars are open. It also helps with to dos and e-mails.

So that’s what outside of my planner. What’s outside of yours?

See you soon,



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