Gatsby’s Diet

When it comes to a Hedgehog’s Diet it is always a constant struggle between owner and pet, especially if you’re like me and your hedgie get bored and is very picky.

If you’re looking at this trying to do research start here because I can’t put all of this information into one post. If you want a series that goes into detail about all the different parts of a pet’s diet please feel free to ask. I have friends that have a variety of pets (who actually will be introduced soon) and if you have any questions about most animals I can do my best to give you some good answers.

So let’s start with Gatsby’s Diet!

Gatsby’s diet is made up of five different kibbles:

  • Wellness Complete Health
  • Blue Buffalo: Chicken Weight Control Formula
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness: Grain Free Duck
  • 8-in-1-Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet
  • Authority Mature Adult Cat

1/4 of the blend is the Wellness Complete Health this one isn’t Gatsby’s favorite so he doesn’t eat as much of it, but he does eat the majority of it and seems to enjoy it. For a while this mixed with Purina Kitten Formula (DO NOT FEED I MADE A MISTAKE DOING SO) and has become a permanent part of Gatsby’s formula.

1/4 of the blend is the Blue Buffalo: Chicken Weight Control Formula. This is rather new and as far as I know is always eaten. The downside is that there is controversy over this brand. To be honest since I haven’t heard anything recently I’m not going to pull him off of it, but if I find that there is an issue Gatbsy will be pulled off of it ASAP.

1/6 of his food is Blue Buffalo Grain Free Duck. This was just to add some variety because I felt bad that everything was chicken. He seems to be fine with it and will eat it. This is the second thing to go in this diet, though, because I don’t see it as too important that he have it.

1/6 of Gatsby’s diet is 8-in-1-Ultra-Blend Select Hedgehog Diet. You are not supposed to give Hedgehog’s Hedgehog Food, but I do it just to make the vet happy. Out of all of the hedgehog foods that I looked at this was the best that I could find and I do plan on continuing this as a small part of his diet. They also make a wonderful treat for him, and if you are going to buy this I highly recommend that you only use this as a treat or a minimal part of your hedgehog’s diet.

the last 1/6th of Gatsby’s diet is Authority Mature Cat. The reason that this is in there is because I’ve found that Gatsby needs more fiber in his diet, and this cat food seems to do the trick. He likes it and will eat it so I’m just gonna leave it in there.

So I mix this by putting it all in a container and mixing it up, this way Gatsby gets a little bit of everything and a little bit of a variety every night. I end up mixing it up about once every other month, which makes it very convenient at night when I’m feeding him.

Each night Gatsby gets a tablespoon of the mixture and he will eat the majority of it, so I feel like that is a good amount.

If you have any questions please leave them down below and I will see you soon,




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