I hate housing

If you don’t know this I hate housing at my school.

No the apartments or the dorms, but the housing selection process.

First off it all starts in early March with the open house, where my friends and I start to get really excited and make “the plan” for what we’re going to do. I like this part because it’s always happy, but it never stays for that long.

The Second stage in housing is the fall apart where “the plan” falls apart for some reason. This happens about a week before we actually sign up for our rooms and typically sends me into a panic where I’m living alone until someone (who typically is just as bad at planning this as I am) happily comes along needing a roommate. I happily agree to live with this person because I’m normally friends with them and know that for the most part I can live with them.

The third stage is actually signing up for housing, where everything goes wrong. I always have a bad number in the lottery that decides when we register. So, I never get where I wanted to live. I end up in the housing for a grade level lower than me, sometimes not even with the person that I want to room with.

Of course this isn’t done, though, because we have the fourth stage.

This is pry my favorite stage where I’m checking my e-mails during the summer to find that I got into living with my grade level and I’m living with the person I wanted to live with.

So why do I hate housing so much? I hate the stress that it causes because even though I know that stage four will happen I hate that it doesn’t happen right away. I was also very surprised that while discussing this during class with some girls they had never come into this. They had gotten great numbers every year.

I don’t think that this “random lottery” is really that random.

See you soon,

Amanda Patch


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