Sticker Organization – Febuary 2016

So a lot of people organize their stickers differently. Recently a lot of people have been using three ring binders, but I’ve found that it’s just too expensive and a hassle for me. So I decided to do a different way where I combine my computer and three accordion-style folders (one large and two small)

They are organized first on my computer and then depending on what each sticker is it goes into one of the accordions in the correct place.

Since I deal with printables the first place that I have to organize them is on my computer. To most people this is a very complicated method that I use, but to me it just makes sense to have it this way. So on my desktop I have a folder called “planner stickers” and in this folder I have different sub folders for each shop that I purchase something from. Each shop then organized in a different way.

For shops where I just have one file to print they are typically in the sub folder labeled with the name of the kit that I bought, and I can print it from there.

For shops where they actually have you download multiple files per spread/kit I have a subfolder labeled for that kit and then have each file within that sub folder.

So now after I’ve gone on a printing binge and have all of the sets printed out, what do I do? Well, I got to the accordion folders.

The large folder is for full spreads, and each tab has a month where I can file each spread away for when I plan to use it. This typically also helps me when I’m shopping on etsy so that if I need spreads for a month (MARCH) I’m able to find something that would fit the monthly colors easily. It also prevents me from over buying and if I find a kit for a friend’s birthday or if I really want to do a specific spread one week I can see that I already have it. Typically I’ll have all of the spread for the next month filed away about halfway through a month. I might not know “I’m using this spread this week” but I have the four spreads to choose from.

So now onto the two smaller folders. The first one is for the little bits and bobs that I print out that are printable add-on-like things for each spread (my work stickers, extra headers, icons, etc.). These just all have a folder for what I use them for and I print off a refill when I find that they are getting low. The other one is for things that I buy. This can be anything for decoration stickers to spreads I don’t know what I’m going to do with to icons to just about anything else. Since I typically don’t buy spreads online though this folder is often pretty empty, but it is organized by shop.


So yeah, that’s how I’m organizing my stickers at the moment and I find that it is working out wonderfully.

See you soon,



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