What’s coming up?

Hey you guys, I really just wanted to write a chill post about what’s coming up the next few months on this blog. Not just the lifestyle section, but the blog as a whole.

If you don’t want spoilers please don’t click the “Read More”, but if you want to hear what is coming up please feel free to read on!

Plan With Me

So if you don’t know my newer Plan With Me series, that’s ok, I haven’t done a great job with it. Luckily, though, I’ve found a schedule so that I plan earlier in the week so that I have time to run to the library and write up a post about it. I do want to give you a heads up that half of my spreads next month will be from MissplansPrintables, but I’m really excited to say that the first week is going to be a Slytherin spread in honor of Kurt’s sister’s birthday! I’ve never use a set from this shop before, so it should be interesting.

April spreads aren’t 100% planned out, but Kurt’s birthday is in there so I’m excited to be able to actually be creating my first spread where I’ll be actually taking his clothes and using them as inspiration. So that will be interesting and might be a spring board for a printable shop?


12734053_10203978766989228_8009656425473819437_nSo if you read a little bit in my last post you’ve already gotten a spoiler that next month the pets will have the theme of Travel. It won’t be too heavy (don’t worry) but in the future it really will be heavier. Overall with them it’s really just getting everyone grounded in what is going on right now, because things will be changing very soon.

April is a little bit more updates about what is going on, and then the last week I will actually be talking about changes that are going to be happening with them and what may happen in the future with them. With Kurt possibly moving to the Cities he might be taking Lucia with him, so that will be announced then as well as what Gatsby’s up to this summer.


12644646_10203836677597082_4452535594467731320_nSo the planner section isn’t really going to have a “theme” it’s much more talking about whatever I want. What I’m really looking forward to is a post that I’m already starting to layout that talks about planning the week when you know that something more is going to happen. (yes, I know, white space is going to be a scary thing here.) Nothing will really change in this topic, but like the pets it will be a lot more updates and what is going on at this moment.

April is a little bit more of looking back. I’ll be taking out my old planner for the first week to look at what my top 5 spreads have been and then reviewing some etsy shops. After that I’m going to talk about the future for a little bit. It’ll be planning for long term and how I plan on layouts in the summer (since ya know that school box won’t really be there anymore).


600670_10203966530483323_7742074734143083020_nSo, don’t kill me, but I’m going beauty blogger here. Next month we have a lot of fun “beauty” things going. I’m excited to make sort of a look book as well as sharing my skin and hair routines with you.

In April I will be doing a little bit more of this, but also trying to throw a vlog or two in there. And at the end of the month Kurt and I are planning on doing a video about some really big changes that are going to happen (Kurt’s job, where he will be living, where I will be living, our relationship’s future, the pets, what my summer will look like, what my housing next year will be, and things along that line). In the beginning of May a lot of stuff is going to change, and I want to bring all of you on that journey with me.

So I’ll see you soon,


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