How I Plan My Blog – Febuary 2016

Recently I’ve gotten a few questions about how I plan what my blog posts are going to be, and although sometimes it just comes down to what I want to write about that day I want to show you how I use this printable by Jolanthe from to plan out my blog. (I own nothing, I just want to share and support this printable.)

I first stumbled across this printable on Pintrest (because where else do I ever find pintables?). What I really wanted was an editorial calendar for my blog, but I also sort of needed a to do list to keep everything in order. What drew me to this printable was the monthly calendar, but I’ve found the week by week more helpful than I originally believed that I would.

So when you look at the monthly view you have the calendar and the lists of eleven focuses for the month. I’ve started to try to use that to plan out ideas and themes for the each month (Spoiler April’s theme is change). Although I haven’t really gotten March’s theme down 100% I have April planned out to really relay this theme. I also use these to address series that I’ll be doing that month (Spoiler: March’s theme for the pets is travel) which helps me really figure out what topics I want to write about.

The next page is about reviews, giveaways, and notes. You have three review/giveaway spots where you are able to list all of the extra information you need (company, due date, websites, contacts) and also has check boxes for while you’re writing the post and when you’ve announced the winner. I don’t do many giveaways (first one will be in the summer) and I typically don’t work with a company to do a review of their product, but I like using that information to keep myself organized with what information I really do need to put in the post.

The next two pages are the weekly pages. At the top it says the week of, then has the days, and then has the to do list for the week. In each weekly box it also has social media that you could advertise the blog posts, which I really like because I always for get to advertise there. I also like to utilize the to do list so that I don’t keep it in my Erin Condren planner, where I’ve found it gets much too messy.

At the end of the printable they have the “Additional Planning Helps” section, which although I don’t really use right now I do want to look at.

The first page in this is the website analytics, where you can track the stats of your blog/website. I personally don’t really use this because I just always forget, but I plan on doing this in the near future for personal gain and planning.

The next page that you have are a list of important websites and blogs. This is where you can store any important websites that you need to keep track of, along with your username and your password.

Then you have the pages where you can write down your Affiliate Programs, which I don’t do so I’m not really going to go too deep into that. Look at the printable.

After this you have is pages and pages of Social Media tracking. You have hashtags, you have Pintrest boards, you have periscopes, you have just about any social media thing that you can track.  I don’t really use any of these because I’m not good about using my twitter, but for people who are really into it I think it might be helpful to you.

The last thing that you have is the “Ideas In My Head” pages, where you can list out any ideas that you have for future blog posts, videos, pictures, just about anything.

So this is what I use to plan my blog. I’ll normally plan everything about a month in advanced and then slowly pick everything off of the to do list. I will also create posts about a week in advanced and schedule them out so that I’m not under the gun attempting to write something by the end of the day.

I hope that you found this helpful and comment below if you have any blog planning printables that you would like to share!

See you soon,






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