Hamster DIY Test: Water Bottle Stand

I’ve decided to do a new monthly segment on my channel where I test Pet DIY videos.

For the first month I decided to go really easy and tested Pretty Paw’s DIY Hamster Water Bottle Holder where you make a water bottle holder out of a toilet paper roll. There are may different videos about how to make this and it isn’t very hard to do. You simply make a small hole and then insert the water bottle.

So I did this and I put it in Lucia’s cage and…. well… a day later let’s just say that it was out of the cage.

What I found with this is that Lucia decided to chew the heck out of it and then the tube would get wet and it just didn’t really work out.

I tried this a week later with a new water bottle, wanting to make sure that the water bottle I was using wasn’t just leaking, and found that I was the exact same result.

So I am not sure if this is just my hamster or if I’m doing something wrong but I’m going to rate this DIY as 1/5. It works but only if you just need a temporary fix.

If you have any projects you want me to test feel free to comment them below or email me at happysmiles159@gmail.com

See you soon,



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