Planner Changes?

This week while I was planning my birthday week  I was really looking at my planner and wondering what I could do to make it better.

Not better as in visually but better as in more functional and using it to the best of my abilities, and this is what I came up with.

wp-1455211492463The first thing that I noticed was that in my school section I was writing things really vague and it wasn’t very helpful. A week or two ago I ended up using half boxes for each class and I found that I was able to go into much more detail with what the assignment was and what I needed to get done. I don’t know why I hadn’t done this in the past, but I liked it a lot better and I will pry be doing this more in the future.

The second thing that I knew I wasn’t using to the best of my abilities was my side bar, and to be honest I’m still trying to work it out.

I’ve started using habit trackers, which I find very helpful. It actually took me three days of searching to find some trackers that I really liked and was content using and I am very happy with the ones that I chose. I’m also using these much more for self care aspects of my life because I know that I’m not good at doing things along that line and I would like to get better at it. So each month I choose two things on my New Years Resolution list and work on it.

wp-1455211533105.jpegI need to decide what to do with the last little bit of the side bar and I’m thinking about making a shopping list of just odd things that I need to buy, but I am wondering if I can use it for something better. We will see what happens.

The next thing was that I didn’t like all of the white space on the bottom of the page (where I typically put what blog posts were posted that day) and what I’m basically doing is just putting more washi tape at the bottom of it because why over think it? I am then using half boxes to write down what I being posted.

I’ve also started to use the top two boxes of the weekend columns to keep track of some of my favorite memories by printing out some pictures that I take of friends and family. I like doing this because it helps me wrap up that week and remember the little things a lot easier than just jotting it all down.

So as you can see my planner’s layout is going to change a little bit.

See you soon,




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