Roommate Issues

So before my winter break or shortly after I mentioned that I was having roommate issues, and I’ve decided to go into more detail/update the situation because now it has begun to effect what will happen on this blog for at least the next week.

So all of this began halfway through last semester when I found that my roommate wasn’t cleaning at all and I had fallen behind on it. I’m not going to say that I’m perfect because my stuff was all over the living room, but that doesn’t account for why mold was growing in the kitchen. I had fallen behind on my cleaning due to family problems that I’m not going to go into at the moment.

Cookie and Derp

Cookie and my pillow pet Derp McStufferson IV

The other half of the problem was Cookie. Although I love and adore Cookie I could have passed on being bitten and bossed around by the cat. Briana also didn’t clean up or in my opinion really take care of her pet, which caused issues between the two of us.

So that was the two main issues coming into the semester. At the moment Cookie isn’t here and is being approved by the school, which will solve itself out in the end and has nothing to do with me anymore. The cleaning is better and we just began a chore chart this year to help with me not feeling like I’m doing everything. (This has effected the content on this blog because I haven’t had the time to make really good content.)

Now, though, I’ve found that I’m having some other issues.

I can’t use my printer at the moment. My roommate decided that in order to make room for some of the new stuff she got for Christmas she was going to put my printer on top of the fridge where I can’t reach it. I believe and support her having her stuff, but moving my printer without asking me and to a point where I actually can’t use it anymore does make me upset. Until I find a way to relocate my printer in some form I can’t really do a ton of research for this blog (I like to print my research off and make notes or highlight important information I want to include in a post), which means that the pet content is going to fall pretty quickly. I also can no longer print out spreads for my planner, so although I have the next two weeks set I can quickly see that I’m going to have some issues planning my weeks out and doing plan with me posts on Sundays (you can see the lack of one this week because of this).

So, until I have the time and money and ability to relocate the printer (aka when I can figure out how the hell I’m going to get it down from on top of the fridge) I want you to be aware that my content will not be as I want it, and I apologize for that.

wish me luck,


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