MissPlans Printables Review

If you don’t know MissPlans Printables it is a printable planner sticker shop on Etsy. They are a newer shop that I found out through a facebook group and I was excited to buy from her shop because I thought that the designs and sets were so cute and so beautiful.

When I first bought from this shop I wasn’t to satisfied, but after a few changes to her shop I am more than happy to buy kits from this shop.

When this shop first opened I bought two sets, but to use them you had to go through a website to unzip the folder and I thought that it didn’t look too reliable. Although the owner of the shop, Shivani, reassured me that the site was alright I really wasn’t ok with it. She was happy to send me the pdf of the files and they worked perfectly. A week later I was debating if I should buy another kit and found that she had switched it so that you download the individual PDFs to begin with. I was too happy to find this change.

Customer Service: 5/5

So let’s talk about the kits.

Each weekly kit comes with three pages (a decorative full box page, ombre checklist boxes, and a functional sheet). In the monthly kits you get even more functional stickers that can actually potentially last you the entire month. I find that this is more than enough to create a no or limited white space spread and I love it more than I really should. I also like that you can reuse these kits because they are printable (yes I do this, probably a little too often). I’m in college and I like being able to do this because if I’m on a break I’m able to reuse a kit that I have used during the school weeks and get a different spread out of it.

I also think that these kits are also beautifully designed and it is easy to find one that you like. I also feel like the price is really nice. The weekly kits are five dollars and the monthly kits are six. That’s $1.67 per sheet, which I think is pretty reasonable when you look at how beautiful they are.

The only thing that I have to say about these products is that I find them a little harder to cut out. I’m not sure if it’s because of how they are laid out or what exactly is my issue, but I do find that a little troublesome.

Product 4/5

Overall this is a wonderful shop with wonderful designs that I keep on going back to time after time.

See you soon,



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