My top 20 moments from when I was 20

I’m still 20… but I can’t think of another title.

I’m turning 21 on the 10th though, so that’s a thing, and I want to put this up now so I’m going with it.

  1. Declaring My Major
  2. Starting This Blog
  3. Cuddles From Kurt
  4. Getting Gatsby!
  5. Getting Lucia
  6. Getting Stitch
  7. Getting Hammy
  8. Building the Tube Kingdom (tour coming soon)
  9. Making New Friends
  10. Getting My Planner
  11. Dying My Hair Black
  12. Learning To Knit
  13. Making My First Quilt
  14. Moving Into My Apartment
  15. Losing 5 Pounds
  16. Meeting Kurt’s Family
  17. Having Kurt meet my family
  18. Watching My Brother Apply To College
  19. Redoing My Wardrobe
  20. Getting a New Sewing Machine

I hope that you stick around and hangout with me to see what this all turns into in the next year because I do love to write for this blog and I hope that you like to follow me and my pets on our adventures.

See you soon,



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