How I use My Monthly Spread

So in the planner community it seems to be very interesting how different people use their monthly views, so I thought that I would share how I use my monthly view.

I use my monthly view for school assignments, travel, birthday, pre-planed time with friends, my friend’s and family’s travels, and holidays.

So let’s go into more detail. School

If I were to put all of my assignments in my monthly view I would get nothing done and it would just be useless. So I only papers, tests, and projects on my monthly view. I use FunChicDesign’s school flags. I find that they fit wonderfully in the boxes and I like the way that they look on the view. I won’t use these in my weekly spreads though because I go insane if something isn’t in the color scheme, but I will put a larger sticker for any tests, quizzes, projects, and presentations that are due on the day that they are due.


So if you don’t know me well you know that I don’t really go anywhere extravagant, but I like to go visit my parents, Kurt’s parents, my friends in the cities, and anything that goes over a few days (like when I have my wisdom teeth out this spring). I’ll do this by putting washi down on the days that I’m going to be one (typically it will match the spread) and then use a sticker from the back of my planner to mark what is going on/where I am going/anything else that might be going on during that time.


I do track when people’s birthdays are. I typically will just put the normal stickers down that are in the back of the planner and then (just like with school stuff) i will use a sticker that works with the spread to do the person’s actual birthday. This is a pretty typical thing for people to do in the monthly view, so i’m not going to go too into it.

Other People’s Stuff

So I do track some things for other people. For my little brother I track sort of what he’s up to in life such as his robotics competitions, days off of school, if he’s going on a trip, or when he is coming up to visit me. For my friends I’ll track if they are going on a trip or something (two of my friends are doing study abroad this semester so I’ll be noting when they go on day trips or longer trips so that if I find out about something where I will need to get in contact with them I will be able to.

I also find that tracking things like this help track and predict mental health problems (such as really bed depression will typically appear when my friends are gone and I haven’t spoken to them in a long time and when they get back and I see them for the first time I get very anxious).


So after I write all of this down I will typically put some decorative stickers down to make it more interesting and fun to look at.

My monthly spread aren’t my favorite but I do find them extremely helpful when planning things and determining when I’m able to do things such as travel or hanging out with friends.

If you want to see more of my monthly spread click here for my recent youtube monthly spread plan with me.

See you soon,



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