Pet Updates!! January 2016

12510299_10203810611945457_6702163067786141070_nAfter Christmas break and everyone being everywhere I am happy to say that Lucia, Gatsby, and I are all once again under the same roof!!!

I got Lucia back the first week in January after she spent an entire month with Kurt out at his parent’s house. Lucia went with him because he and I do share “custody” of Lucia and he gets all school breaks if he is going home.

I’m also happy to announce that the little princesses’ new cage is just about ready!!! This has been a project long overdue and I’m happy to say that after six months it is finally done!!! A tour will be uploaded to here and to YouTube later in February, but you guys have already had a few sneak peeks on Instagram.

I am also very happy to say that as of the 21st Gatsby is at home once again! I was unable to bring him home recently because of some roommate issues so he happily took up 12552972_10203823295142529_3603163288765767472_nresidence with my parents who took wonderful care of him. He’s lost a little bit of weight, though because he ran out of some fresh treats such as chicken and mealworms but that will be remedied with the help of a very attentive owner.

So what’s coming up with Gatsby? Well, some small cage renovations for sure so that miss Cookie can come back into the apartment for sure. I’m happy to say that as of today the grids are on their way, funded by my oh so kind parents, and an updated cage video will be in the near future. Gatsby also will get to go see his vet pretty soon for his one year check up and to talk about his incredibly dry skin. Hopefully we can find a way to manage it a little better.

So yeah, everyone is happy and healthy. I’m happy to have all of my lovelies in one room again, but it’s time to start planning for rooming next year and for summer.

Life is just never done is it?

See you soon,



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