Spring 2016 Organization System

If you are in college you know the struggles of organizing your school stuff, so this is how my system is organized.

I have a yellow three ring binder that has 5 dividers in it. I got the binder three years ago when I started college so I know that I got it from target…. It’s pry avery because I love that company. the dividers are from avery and I bought those at the beginning of the last school year. They both work perfectly and have for a long time now, so they are excellent quality.

So how I organize it is I put in the five dividers and each of them is a different thing. Before the first one I keep my chore chart for the week, after the first divider is my first class of the week (Advanced Creative Writing), the second is my second class of the week (East Asia Before 1800), the third one is my third class (Gender and Communication), and the fourth is my night class (Media and Children), the last one is my personal section where I put articles and things that I’m reading or using for whatever story I am currently on.

When we finish a section in my classes I will take all of the papers out of that class and put them all in a file folder with the class and the unit on them. Then they go into my drawer so that I can pull them out when I need them for the final. I find that this cuts down on the weight in my backpack and I like having everything organized by what we study. I don’t know why I think like that, but I do.

The binder has two pockets in it. The one of the front cover I use for anything that I need to hand in on paper and all of the notes that I’m taking that week. I write down the class and date that each page of notes were taken so that at the end of the week I can go through and file all of my notes, handouts, printouts, and papers that I received/took that week.

The folder in the back is where I keep all of my paper for my notes. I mainly use college rules loose leaf paper that has a reinforced side where the holes are so that they don’t rip and I don’t lose anything but I have a few pieces of graph paper and printer paper in case I find that I need them.

I also keep post it notes on the black folder in case I need them (Kurt bought me the post it notes! XD).

I have two backpacks that I use.

The first and the main one is my smaller striped backpack that I use so that i don’t find myself bringing a lot of stuff with me to class so that i don’t get distracted. I keep my pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, hygiene items, an extra pair of socks, and some snacks for the middle of the day.

My second backpack is for when I’m gone for longer periods of time (aka when i sleep over at Kurt’s). This is the bag I started college with so it is barely holding up, but it still works.  It’s sort of like a black, blue, and white plaid. It has two larger pockets. The largest one I use for a change of clothes or pajamas. The second one is for my books and binders and things. There  is two smaller pockets as well. The larger of the two smaller ones I use for pens, pencils, and all of the stuff I put in my smaller pocket of my smaller bag. The smallest pocket I use for makeup, a hairbrush, a toothbrush, deodorant, and whatever other hygiene products i decide that I need.

So that’s my organization system for my school stuff, hope that you enjoyed and hope that it gave you some ideas!

See you soon,



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