Why Winter Whites?

In 2015 three different hamsters came into my life, and two of the three were winter white hamsters.

There are reasons for this, so let’s go through them!

The first reason is that Kurt likes tubes. I know. Those bad cages that they sell in stores that everyone hates? He loves those tubes. So it sounds bad but Lucia’s current cage does have tubes to help Kurt and her bond. He absolutely loves hanging out with her and changing the tubes around, and I’m glad that he enjoys it. Because he likes the tubes I am only allowed to have hamsters if I have tubes. So I am being responsible and choosing to only have dwarf hamsters for the time being until I am allowed to have a change without the tubes or can afford the larger tubes that Syrian hamsters can go  into. 11219724_10203204572674854_7068436506704823278_n

The next reason I am choosing to stick with Winter White or Hybrid hamsters is because they are very social and easy to tame. I find that both Lucia and Hammy have craved human attention and love to come out and play. AS I do have anxiety and depression having a pet that loves to hang out with you or play with you helps a lot and makes me feel better on days where I’m not doing the best.

I also like that they don’t need as much space as Syrian hamsters (not that I don’t give my hamsters as much space as possible but it’s nice when you are traveling). As I do live in a smaller apartment the smaller space requirement is nice and allows me to fit Lucia’s cage in many different spots.

I also like to watch hamsters run when I’m nervous or having an anxiety attack, and watching dwarfs run is really cute in my opinion.

I also like the amount of time you have to put into a Winter White’s diet because the more I do the more invested I feel in my pet and I love to take care of them, so it makes me feel like I’m doing something important for another living being.



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