Pets and Planners 2016

1047911_10203711352784040_4711907849525468498_owelcome back!

To me….. I haven’t been here since finals because of technical difficulties.

So the reason that I am making this post is to tell you that this blog will be continuing.

I began this blog for one of my classes last semester and I am happy to say that it will be continuing! Yay! (throws confetti)

So what will the schedule be like for this semester? Here ya go!

Monday– Pets (mainly hedgehogs and hamsters)1934552_10203769385954833_8774641499869635570_n

Wednesday – Planner things (hauls, reviews, ideas, hacks, diy, etc.)

Friday – Lifestyle (college, roommates, relationships, makeup, outfits, hauls, mental illness, anything that I want)

Sunday – Plan With Me (and any vlogs that I have posted that week)

Instagram – My Instagram is my favorite social media piece that goes along with this blog and is almost constantly updated. I’m going to try to post outfit of the day photos, the pets, and anything else that I’m up to.

Twitter – I am attempting to use my twitter more, but it isn’t my favorite thing ever so it isn’t update as often as it is supposed to be. So go there and follow me for more updates about daily life and no lack of adorable pet pictures. 12391459_10203690870231989_6599723694321761182_n

So what have I been up to? Check back Wednesday!

What’s going on next week? Check back Sunday for my plans for this next week.

See you soon,



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