A Gatsby Moment: Getting Ready To Go To Grandma and Grandpa’s

My mommy woke me up this morning. She said that Grandma was coming to get some things before I go stay with her while my mommy is on break from school.

Mommy had me pick out what toys I want to take with.

Mommy got all my fleeces ready and put them into a bag. She also got my food ready, enough for 10 days, and put the rest of the food in a big bag too.

She got my litter ready too, and put the toys in with the fleece.

I’m not going to have a lot this week, but I have my ball, Tigger, my tube, and my wheel so I’ll be just fine.

Mommy did a lot of the same stuff with Lucia too! I watched her from under the blankets on her bed.

She took all of the little cages and put all the different parts in the bag. She put a little bit of food aside for her too. She put all of her stuff in different bags.

Then Mommy told me that we were done and Grandma came!!

I got to see Grandma before I went back to sleep.

I can’t wait to spend a whole month with grandma and grandpa!


*because of circumstances beyond my control (Cookie the Cat) Gatsby was brought back to my parent’s house before I could take pictures and create a post that I can be proud of for this. I hope to redo it in the future, but hopefully this is a nice little look into what Gatsby might think while we are getting ready to go home.



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