Gastby Update

I’m sad to say that this isn’t the happiest update that I have for you today.

At the moment Gatsby isn’t with me here at school he is with my parents back home.


Gastby playing under the Christmas tree after we set it up


I’m also sad to say that my living situation has not only become unhealthy for me but it has become toxic for my little guy.

The main reason is that Cookie the Cat has decided that she loves being in Gatsby ‘s cage an will stop at nothing to get to that.

Sadly this stress makes my little guy sick.

In addition since I am taking so much of my day to take care and play with cookie Gatsby has been in the back of my mind to the point where I haven’t been giving him the attention that he deserves.

Gatsby is still losing quills, though, which has to be my main concern over my school break. (Luckily he has no thinning spots so hopefully this isn’t horrible.)

For the future I need to figure some stuff out with my roommate and I’m speaking to the school about how to help create a more positive living situation.

If we can’t do anything to solve it and I get into the situation where I can’t move out I will speak with my parents about an alternative.

At this time we are going to try to make everything work, but at the same time we aren’t taking rehoming my little guy off of the list.

So for right now the future living situations of Gatsby are shaky and confusing, but that’s what I got for you today.

See you soon,



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