Christmas Drama

So recently Kurt and I decided to spend Christmas together this year.

The plan was that we go to my family’s Christmas eve and his family’s Christmas day.

I checked with everyone in my family that I needed to and got the OK from everyone and I thought that was that… until this weekend.

While baking cookies with my cousin my aunt T mentioned that my aunt H’s parents were coming to Christmas this year.

I don’t like this.

Now before you come in and say “that’s so mean of you!” or “everyone needs a place to go on Christmas!” Keep reading.

The first issue that I have with this is that my aunt T straight up didn’t ask anyone if this was ok. she did this last year as well with her son and daughter’s significant others. They didn’t ask or anything, they just showed up.

The second reason that I’m upset is that she isn’t hosting. My uncle F has graciously opened his house up (it isn’t much larger than my apartment) to our very large family.

So we will be having my two grandparents, their six kids, the five spouses, the eleven grandkids, two significant others, and my aunt H’s two parents in a two bedroom house that’s from the 70’s and isn’t too big.

My uncle doesn’t know where to put all of these people or what the heck is going to happen because just my grandparents, their kids, and the grandkids can barely fit in the house.

So, now that they are coming (and after I worked very hard to get the ok for Kurt to come) I have to tell Kurt that he can’t come and I’m going to miss ANOTHER Christmas with him.

So yes, this all sounds very selfish of me, but I was really looking forward to  having Kurt there. And his parents seemed to be excited that I was coming over to his house for Christmas day.

No all of that is ruined.


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