Planner Decorator Review

Planner Decorator A few weeks ago I stumbled across Planner Decorator on Etsy. I bought two kits and after using them I want to bring you this review.

Overall I thought that the product was worth the money.

For $4 you get two sheets with functional, decorator, and icon stickers.

This is another pintables shop so you get a digital PDF file that you can print off at home as many times as you want.

I have to admit that they layout on the pages aren’t very friendly  because you can’t just use a paper cutter and cut the majority of them out. Many of them you have to go in by hand, which can lead to some frustration.

Is it worth it though?


I loved these stickers and can’t wait to use more of them in the next few weeks. Each kit is well thought out with what you need and the cutting issue, although relevant, doesn’t really bother me.

Planner Decorator: 3/5

See you soon,



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