Plan With Me 11.22.2015

So before the video I want to go over the highlights of this last week (November 16th – November 22nd)

Saturday November 14th: Stitch passed away 12004059_10203333383975056_3634724645413811832_n

Monday November 15th: went to PetSmart and fell in love with two beautiful hamsters. The Syrian (left) was absolutely beautiful and I took too many pictures of her, and I’m sad to say that I pry won’t be getting her because of the space that I have at the moment. The Winter White (right) was adorable and I absolutely adore her, so due to space restrictions I will pry be getting her.

Tuesday November 17th: Kurt and I went to pick up our new little princess. She was so sweet. (More details later)

Wednesday: after a seven hour shift at work I was happy to come home and sleep and just relax with the pets. Cookie was allowed into my room for the entire night and she did great. I’m happy to say Gatsby wasn’t afraid at all, but our new little princess still has yet to learn that Cookie isn’t going to hurt her.

Thursday: After a short day of classes Kurt and I had date night. We went to the Opera that our school was holding.

Friday: My apartment was finally clean!! I also planned next week and worked on the videos that are coming up.

Saturday: Just a seven hour shift at work… again…no big deal

So what’s going on next week?

Watch and find out!!

Youtube video

See you soon,




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