Last week I had a very fun project (please read that with sarcasm) in my intro to media writing class.

We had to do a multimedia project where not only did we write an article we had to do pictures, audio, video, ect.

On my way out of class my friend asked me a very important question: Are you going to add YouTube videos to your blog?

So now I have an announcement.

I’m going to start doing some YouTube again!

So each week there will be a video with one of my posts (Besides the plan with me) that will be posted on YouTube and embedded onto this blog.

So yeah!

Big announcement!!!

See you soon,



One thought on “Youtube?

  1. NoDecaf_09 says:

    Sometimes we have things to say that go beyond the words we can type and sometimes we have things we want to show that extend further than a photo! I love it when people embed videos into their blog posts! I would do it more often, but Final Cut/iMovie are like Korean to me.


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