My Happy Planner: Update

If you don’t know the first planner that I started decorating was a Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner.

About a month into it I found an Erin Condren on Ebay and began to use that instead.

My happy planner isn’t going to waste, though, because now I’m using it for this blog.

So how am I doing that?

Like This:

The monthly view has all important dates on it, but they are all written in pen instead of decorated like my Erin Condren is.

The weekly view has all of my blog posts outlined so that when I go to write them I have a good idea of what I’m doing. Since it’s split into three categories I use the top one for a summary of the post, the second for an outline, and the third for any articles or research that I need to do prior to writing the article.

So why did I make this planner only for my blog?

I like the arc system, but I feel like it’s too flimsy and unprotected so I didn’t want to continue to use it every day for “scrapbooking” my week, as it would never hold up to the tests of time.

The arc system, though, did work very well for a blog planner that I could add and remove pages from.

If I have a large multi-media post that I’m doing one week I often will take a notes page from the back and put it in that week for an extended outline so that I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m also able to add physical documents that I want to mention in any blog post during that week. I feel like this flexibility makes this planner a great idea for bloggers.

So, although I don’t fill up the pages as much as I did previously I find that this is a great way to keep track of anything having to do with my blog.


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