Two Year Anniversary

“Kurt! Smile!

For those of you who don’t know Kurt and I have been dating for a long time.

Two years this Sunday, actually.

So, I’ve decided to pick Kurt’s brain and bring  you a little FAQ with both of our answers.

The Questions are bolded, Kurt’s answers are normal, and my answers are in italics.

How did you two meet?

we met through work.

Kurt and I met at our work. We were both working at the dining hall and I took over for him at the end of his shift. The first time I met him my mind went completely blank and I stumbled on words for about a week until I was able to say a coherent sentence to him. On Halloween he messaged me on Facebook asking if I wanted to hangout. Since I wasn’t doing anything I agreed and we ended up dating.

What was your favorite date?

thats a tough one! I would have to say the bowling and dinner date that we had recently. We got to do an interactive activity, then we got to walk around Sam’s Club and then had a nice dinner  it was fun just to have a day together.

my favorite dates are when we just drive around and talk while eating food. It’s just sort of peaceful and we’re able to focus on each other because we don’t have our phones or anything.  

Cookie Loves Kurt, as shown by this picture

Cookie Loves Kurt, as shown by this picture

What’s a habit that you hate about the other?

i wish Amanda would be more positive  One negative thought will make the entire day a bad day.

I hate when Kurt brings out his phone while we’re eating a meal. it drives me insane.

What’s a habit you love about the other?

Amanda is always down for cuddles and she is great about planning for things (and probably over planning)

I love how Kurt loves fashion and how he gets very passionate about things that he loves. It makes me want to do what I love more and provides a positive momentum in both of our lives.

What’s your biggest struggle in the relationship?

When Amanda gets so upset she doesn’t want to communicate and work out problems because it makes me make bad decisions.

Letting it go that Kurt has more friends who are girls than friends who are guys (it makes a lot of uncomfortable rumors that frustrate me).

What’s your favorite part of the relationship?

that we do actually communicate well  and how we are open about things between us.

That Kurt loves to cuddle as much as I do.

Kurt! Yes? We haven't taken a picture of us kissing in a while.

We haven’t taken a picture of us kissing in a while.

What do you think the other person would change about you?

Amanda would change my party habits. Or make it so she was more upbeat.

Kurt would change it so that I knew exactly what I wanted to eat when we eat out. That or the amount of sweets I eat.


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