Kinetic Learning and Planning

If you don’t know, I started this blog because of a class that I am currently taking.

Earlier this week my professor and I were standing and waiting for the elevator (I was going to class and she was going to her office) and she asked me a question that I had been expecting.

“So what’s this sticker thing you write about?”

The previous week I had turned in my Sweet Cheeky Designs Review as the Blog Post that I had been assigned.

So, I pulled out my planner and began to explain this planning thing that I had began.

The conversation concluded with the idea that I was a visual learner and that this helped me.

I am a kinetic learner.

So what is kinetic learning? It’s when you learn best by doing things  instead of watching or hearing it. A way of doing this is by writing things down on paper, or in this case putting a sticker down in a planner.

In the growing of the electronic age studies have found that people typically don’t remember what they typed, instead they are more likely to remember things that are written down. So, in this growing age of electronics it is becoming more difficult for many kinetic learners to remember or learn (If you’re in school).

Since I began planning I’ve found that I remember and DO more things that I plan in my planner.

putting down stickers, writing, planning spreads, ect, all put more effort into planning and has me DOING things, which helps me ‘learn’ what I need to do.

If you are interested in finding out what kind of learner you are you can take this quiz to help you find out.

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