Stitch’s Care Routine

Stitch looking for treats that I hid in his house

Stitch looking for treats that I hid in his house

Recently on Facebook several people have asked me what it’s like to take care of Stitch, my robo hamster, while in college.

What I like about taking care of a hamster while in college is that it isn’t too much of a commitment because it does change every day.

Part of the reason I like having a robo is because they also don’t need human interaction and typically don’t crave it.

Stitch has proved that he doesn’t want to really be tamed, but he does enjoy minimal human interaction, which is proving to fit into my life much better than other pets.

7:45 a.m. – Stitch is up looking for food and ends up waking me up. This is when I’ll get up and give him more food or some treats and spend some time with him until he wants to go to sleep.

Tasks I do during the day:

refill water, give food if the bowl is empty, give small treats for him to forage for at night, clean wheels and spot clean.

Every week:

  • Do a Health Check
  • Clean food dishes and water dish with soap

Once a month:

clean out the cage and the toys

Once a year:

Deep Clean the cage with disinfectant


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