“I feel like I’m abandoning you.”

Kurt and I took a hike in the woods after classes and took a break to snap a few pictures!

Kurt and I took a hike in the woods after classes and took a break to snap a few pictures!

If you don’t know this Kurt is a year older than me, which mean that this Spring he will be graduating from school with a Political Science degree.

After graduating Kurt has chosen (at the moment) to stay around the area we are now and go to graduate school a year later.

Yesterday Kurt and I had a heart to heart about all of it.

I have a problem with all of this. My problem is that I feel like I’m abandoning him.

What we are thinking is that he get an apartment that I can move into right when I get out of college, which means that it has to be big enough for both of us AND allow pets.

Not only do I see the rent as a problem, but I see the issues of buying things for the apartment as a problem. Things like beds and couches are expensive and I feel bad for making him buy them on his own.

We’ve been talking and we think that we might split the costs down the middle, or we each buy things individually. (He buy a bed, I buy a couch, he buy dishes, I buy bathroom stuff, ect.).

I’m still uncomfortable with this, though, because I don’t like not being able to use a thing that I buy.

Since we have no other options at the moment we are really trying to work hard on this, and we plan on me living with him over the summer and then moving back to campus in the fall. I don’t like that though because I don’t like feeling like I’m living off of him and not paying rent.

For now Kurt’s told me to worry about signing up for classes in two weeks, but at the beginning of next year we will plan on starting to figure this out.

so yeah, following the typical Friday thing where I talk about something random in my life. Not too interesting, but to me it’s relevant.


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