Fall Hedgie Care Routine

By now you all know Gatsby my hedgehog.

Gatsby during cuddle time just wanting to explore.

Gatsby during cuddle time just wanting to explore.

What you don’t know is that my parents are thinking about getting a hedgehog after falling in love with my little guy.

So, since I was writing this up for them I thought that I would post it here to help anyone else looking at adopting a spiky little friend.

9a.m. – I get up and go over to Gatsby’s cage to check to see if he pooped, how much he ate, how much he drank and check the temperature

8p.m. – clean Gatsby’s wheel and take out any soiled litter

9p.m. – take Gatsby out for play time. (This lasts for up to two hours and depends on how long I have to spend with him, the night of the week, how much homework I have and how he’s behaving.)

11p.m.- fill up the food dish, fill water if needed, check temperature, refill litter (if needed) and put Gatsby back into his cage to take a nap.

Weekly Jobs:
Replace all litter, clean out litter pan with disinfectant, wash food and water dishes with soap, give a foot bath and change fleeces (normally done 3 times a week).

Monthly Jobs:
A full bath, deep clean all of the cage, run fleeces through the washer three times and check heating system to make sure nothing is broken.


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