Gatsby Update

Gatsby in his fort

Gatsby in his fort

Alright, so over the last week or so a lot has happened with Gatsby, so this is just to let everyone know what’s up.

Alright so two weeks ago I decided that Gatsby had quill loss that wasn’t a normal seasonal quilling. At the vet I found out that Gatsby has a bad case of the mites, and we now have medication to treat that.

I thought that this was going to be the worst of it….. but that never goes as planned.

When I moved into my apartment for this school year I found that the only place to put Gatsby’s cage was by a drafty window. I decided to stop my current heating plan (to keep the apartment warm) and to get a heating system.

I planned on spreading the  cost out over a few months, but as I was sitting in Taco John’s about a week or so ago I found that the head in my apartment won’t be turned on for a few more weeks.

As soon as I got home I ordered the last of the  things that I needed for the heating system in hopes that it would be in my mail box in two days.

I’m still waiting on the CHE bulb.

A day after I ordered the supplies I called my mom and had her come get Gatsby to go to my parent’s house because they already had the heat on.

So for now Gatsby is hanging out with my parents and brother at my parent’s house and will be staying there until this Saturday, once I have the heating system up, running, and tested.

So if you’re on my Instagram and you haven’t seen many pictures of Mr. Gatsby that is why, and I promise that he will be back within the week.


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