Sweet Cheeky Designs Etsy Review

As the Planner Community Grows we seem to have taken over Etsy as well, and as stickers become more expensive many more people are printing off stickers such as the ones that Sweet Cheeky Designs sells.

The owner of Sweet Cheeky Designs, Jennifer Zuniga, joined Etsy and opened her shop in July of this year (2015).

Since then she has gotten 931 sales and has 244 reviews that average five starts.

Her print outs are always around $2.50, which is affordable to most.

Her shop has taken off in the last two months as the planner (or sticker) craze began to hit buyer’s checkbooks. Once buyers found that they could buy, print and cut their own stickers the trend began to grow, attributing to the success of Sweet Cheeky Designs.

Last Month I bought her Printable Essential Planner Kit and I found that it was helpful as I began attempting to print most everything for my planner.

The kit comes with Colored Checklists, Ombre Heart Checklists, Heart Flag Checklists, Half Box Checklists, Meal Planning, Weekly Tracker, Weekend Banner, Headers and weekly hydrate stickers.

When I was printing things out I did find that some of them were unusable because something was wrong with it, but upon further inspection I found that it was a miscommunication between the computer and printer.

The kit proved to be well worth it’s money and quickly helped me fill up space in my planner, get me more organized and saved me money and time. I also found that they weren’t as hard to cut out as I thought that they would, which was a helpful surprise.

This last week I used her Autumn Owls and Checklists print out, and found that I did enjoy using the set. It was easy to cut the stickers out as they were all laid out on the page so that the stickers in columns and rows.

It was also very easy to color match the pintables with stickers that I have bought in the past so I was able to fill the spread to what I wanted rather quickly.

Unfortunately I’ve found that I dislike the leaf checklists that were in the kit, because I typically don’t use them. I enjoy “no white space” spreads myself because it helps me feel like I’m not wasting my time during the day.

If you are interested in purchasing sets she has 25 theme and sampler print outs (11 specifically for fall), three monthly kits, and ten sets of functional stickers.

Although there are some personal preferences I feel like Sweet Cheeky Designs is a good buy and worth the price (as it does have a larger price tag than most pintables). The print outs are also well organized so that cutting is easy and it saves money in the long run.

I would give this shop a nine out of ten.


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