Defending The Brownie Guy

Story Time.

A few weeks ago in my Social Philosophy class we were talking about morality and my professor decided to give us an example that he had witnessed in one of the school cafeterias the previous year.

“I was in the reef with a collogue for lunch. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a student bringing a tray full of food up to the conveyor and sending it back to the dish room. I stopped myself from saying anything at the time because I wanted to enjoy my lunch. The student got another tray and ate all of it, but then went up and took about a dozen brownies from the tray and began to put them into his backpack. I went up to him and asked what he was doing he told me that they were for his roommate.”

After the story the professor explained how it was immoral because the student was unable to eat all of the brownies.

So here is my thoughts.

For an unlimited meal plan I paid $2265 last semester. I now have a 75 punch meal plan and it costs me $978 a semester.

The most common meal plan among the guys on my campus is the Comfort meal plan where students get 10 meal punches a week which costs $2150 a semester.

So now that you know how much the student was paying I want to bring attention to the fact that if you don’t have a car on campus you are screwed for the rest of your meals that week. Especially if you don’t have an apartment with a working kitchen. Let’s assume that the student was under such circumstances or couldn’t afford money to get the rest of the food that he needs for the rest of the week.

For me I don’t believe that this is immoral. First of all where he was eating doesn’t have very good food and he’s already payed for the buffet. In a buffet you can take as much food as you want, so that means that he can take as many brownies as you want.

Beyond that you are able to eat 12 brownies before you go bad if you eat two a day (yes, this is from personal experience we’ve all done it).

Another argument that my professor used was that then others wouldn’t get brownies, but after working at the other cafeteria I knew that they would just set out another dessert for students.

So with all of that information do you agree with me or my professor?


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