Me and My Big Ideas – 9.15.2015 Releases

Me and My Big Ideas is releasing more things tomorrow (9.15.2015)!!

If you clicked on this thinking “oh she knows what’s going on” you came to the wrong place.

Last week I got on Facebook an hour too late (thank you Kurt) to find that Me and My Big Ideas was previewing their new products on their periscope account, but I was too late. Three weeks ago a huge teaser was released on Stephanie Fleming’s (owner of Me and My Big Ideas) Instegram of one of the new planners. Since them I have been looking and hunting for a look at the new product, but then when I find out they showed a preview on periscope I just about died because I missed it.

The new releases seem to be two new planners, a new fitness and wellness journal, a new recipe book, and maybe some accessories (hopefully including an arc punch).

I can’t wait to see the new releases and I have a feeling that I will be giving my check book a nice workout pretty soon.

Can’t wait for tomorrow,

Amanda Patch


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